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Red Ginseng

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  • To promote the efficacy of ginseng , normal Ginseng (white ginseng) is steamed and dried repeatedly several times , and it finally becomes Red Ginseng . And the Red Ginseng is processed for the various ginseng products ( Base: root , Slice , Tea , Candy , Jelly and etc ) . Whoever can take Red Ginseng & products regardless his physical constitution .
  • Our ginseng has been cultivated and processed at the famous location, Pungi of Korea. It includes the original facts of the traditional ginseng as the cultivation had been derived from Punggi, Korea . And it is not compared with any other country's ginseng.
  • Our Red Ginseng includes specific nutrients and a lots of
    Saponin which especially promotes immunity , healthy innards , strong eyesight , bio energy and etc . It is verified for a long time as its essential for the overall health . The efficacy of Red Ginseng is much better than the normal-White ginseng .